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  2. Ordering through Mercury Network’s website Video
  3. Download How to Order PDF Manual

Fee Schedules 
(Not available for Diamond Jumbo Program)

  1. Optimus (Los Angeles & Orange County Only) 

    *Agency (FNMA and FHLMC), Mega VOE (MVP) and FHA only

  2. Property Science (Nationwide)
  3. Lenders Link (CA Only)
  4. Springhouse (Nationwide)
  5. Axis Appraisal Management Solutions (Nationwide)
  6. HVCC Appraisal Ordering (Nationwide)
  7. (CA, CO, OR, WA)
  8. Class Appraisal (Nationwide)
  9. Caliber Appraisal Management (CA Only)
  10. ServiceLink (Nationwide)
  11. TriMavin (Nationwide)
 Diamond Jumbo Program Required AMC’s

(Appraisals for this program must be ordered with the AMC’s listed below)