Document Submission and PTD Requirement

Effective: March 4, 2020 – Soft release
Effective: April 1, 2020 – Required, no exceptions
To better serve our broker community and to expedite loan documents and funding in the most efficient way, the following will be REQUIRED – at SUBMISSION.
• As of March 4 we will require the following items at submission on every file:
  • Title
    • On a PURCHASE transaction and case by case we will allow the file to be submitted with the preliminary title report trailing.
  • Escrow instructions with vesting or a vesting amendment (Grant Deed/Inter spousal Deed)
  • Purchase Contract
• The following will be required prior to docs (PTD).
  • Property Address/Property Type on Preliminary title report, Appraisal and LQB must match
  • Hazard Insurance (please see checklist) Loss Payee Required
  • HOA Docs – Missing Project Name on PIW files and Verify HOA Fee amount
  • Closing Settlement Statement – Must show correct loan amount
  • Payoff Demands
• This will fully go into practice on April 1st, 2020



Pre-locks will require a 45 day lock-period with a max 3 Business day delivery. Effective July 1st

Effective July 1st

Agency, FHA and VA products

Pre-locks will require a 45 day lock-period with a maximum 3 business day delivery.*
If loan is not fully delivered within the 3rd business day, the lock will be suspended on the 4th business day, and will be eligible for worse case pricing when re-locked.
For 30 day locks, the loan must be in “processing” status or later.

The Mega Capital Pricing Engine within the Broker Portal will prevent lock requests outside of these parameters.
Please refer to Page 5 of the Mega Capital Lock policy for further details on all programs.

Contact your Account Executive with any questions.
Thank you for your business!

*Locked on Monday must be delivered by end of business day Thursday.
(Delivery means complete loan package: income, assets, etc. has been uploaded to document list)